Ben And Kimberly

Ben and Kimberly are locals who are committed to bettering Nambour and the Sunny Coast through community events, music, and serving up great food and epic coffee. 

Since taking over Small Change in December 2021, they’ve made some BIG CHANGES to Nambour’s favourite little hole-in-the-wall espresso bar, from introducing toasties to the menu, moving locations, adding a full blown kitchen and opening up as a bar and events venue. 

Ben is OBSESSED with coffee and music, and has played bass guitar for several well known names. After covid left both the hospitality and the music industries in a slump, Ben became committed to making BIG CHANGE, merging both passions into a unique space.

Our Coffee

Brothers Steven and Trevor Simmons founded Industry Beans in Melbourne in 2010. Their vision was to roast high-quality specialty coffee in a carefully curated environment of transparency and accessibility, to offer the ultimate coffee experience to their community.

Our house blend is Industry Bean’s ‘Newstead’. Newstead is a rich, fruit-driven blend that combines the velvety body of a Brazilian natural, and the sweet fruitiness of a natural Ethiopian. It is sweet and satisfying with milk and deliciously syrupy on its own.

We also have a variety of single origin, filter and espresso beans available daily, as well as a seasonal house blend that alternates with the season. 

Our Food

Meet Hannah, our Head Chef. 

She is leading the way with all things sustainable and scrumptious. 

At Small Change, we pride ourselves on using local as much as possible, and that’s no different with our food. 

“I’m passionate about creating simple food done well, bringing plates that celebrate the season’s offerings as well as making sustainable dishes that thank the planet. Through my Maori culture, it’s been engrained in me that food is so much more than just food. It’s connective, healing, it’s community. It’s to be celebrated and I want people to feel that through the meals they enjoy with us.”